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Learn is the prime location for all information pertinent to developing and honing your abilities to moderate your Broadcaster’s community chat environment.

All of the collected resources are submitted by moderators from all walks of life; offering insight and advice on moderation to provide you a broader look at what it truly takes to moderate your Broadcaster’s community effectively.

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All good moderators understand how vital it is to have exemplary communication skills. We offer a few communication mediums to foster healthy discussion on key topics regarding moderation and invite you to join in on the conversation.

You can stay up to date on long running discussions on our forums or jump into a quick conversation within one of our many Slack channels.

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The definition and theory of moderation has changed vastly as moderation has evolved from the archaic ‘chat police’ that once used to roam our channels. Sharing your experiences and insight with others is what assists in evolving and improving on common moderation practices.

We want to know what you have to say. Collaborate with your fellow moderators or create your own interest piece on what you think about moderation ethics, the use of bots and chat loggers, what it means to be a community mod, or any other topic that you wish to speak your mind on.

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